Daily Motivation

3650 Days of Working

I haven’t missed a day of work in 10 years. I’Ve never had a day off. Maybe I’ve had days where I’ve gone driving the supercars and I’ve only done two hours work. Instead of eight hours. I’Ve never had a day where I thought [ __ ] it.

I’M not gon na work. Never once ever my screen time on my phone is nine hours a day, every [ __ ] day. I do not miss a day of work ever if I’m the most viral Google man on the earth, it does not change a [ __. ] thing I am working. Earth must be conquered, the Matrix must be attacking chat.

I do not stop, I will not quit. I will not surrender, I am not that person, I have zero interest and rest or wrist fight. It’S [, __, ] coward. Even the idea of resting aggravates my mind. Well, I’m supposed to do this.

Wait. Wait. Let me practice sure yeah that sucks no, but is there it sucks? I got [ __ ] to do like yeah, but, like give me like, I can’t even contemplate the idea of people say to me. If I had your money take you know I just go.

Not just go chill, that’s why you never have my money dummy because you might want to go. Do nothing. I don’t want to do nothing. You don’t want to do. [, __, ],

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