Daily Motivation

When you Buy so Much you Forget

“Don’t remember what we should buy? I don’t know either. I don’t remember. I just spent about a quarter of a million pounds. It’s Christmas, bro, you’ve got to just buy presents and [__].

I saw a sexy pair of shoes. I didn’t know what size all my girlfriends are, so I just bought like five pairs of different sizes. And also, I bought six iPads. An iPad is sure cool. Got some of those iPads there. You go, pink, yellow, whatever you got. Merry Christmas. Oh, thank you. Thank you.

It’s round two or one two? Sounds good. Foreign. Oh, I ordered about a hundred thousand dollars’ worth of custom clothing and then I bought 288 lighters and accessories. So this lighter here is number three of 288. It’s a limited edition Dupont with a joker on the front, so I can’t wait to lose this in a Bucharest nightclub while I’m boozing.”

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